Use squiggles to add element to the roof. Add bars to the windows with double intersecting strains. Draw the door as shown. Create the railing with double vertical traces. Add a plant with curved traces. Finish the patio tile with straight intersecting strains. Sketch a second line on the inside of the patio door, the fitting-hand side of the adjoining window, and around the outer roof.

Matt Rose: We used those for his eye. In case you watch the film, you’ll see how that works. We noticed a squid or something with these crazy shifting eyes and we said, “We would like to try this! How do we do it?” Not with foam latex however for the remainder of the body it’s poly-foam, foam latex, and Custom Illustration scorching melt for his eye — it is actually loopy. So, stuff like that occurs so much.

Draw a curved line below the top to show the shape of the neck and spine. Use rectangles for the chest and hip areas. Form the arms and legs with curved tube shapes. Sketch oval shapes for the shoulders and kneecaps. Draw two odd-shaped diamonds for the hands. Use wedge shapes for the toes.

Step 4: For the windshield, draw a rectangle. Sketch two slanted lines with circles on one finish and double lines on the other for the windshield wipers. Form the front grille by putting a sq. inside of a slightly bigger square. Add several upright traces contained in the smaller sq. to complete the grille.

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