The Black Bear

The Black Bear
49 High Street
SY13 1AZ

01948 663800

Believe it or not it’s 321 days since we first opened the doors to the refurbished Black Bear, only now can we finally welcome you, restriction free.  Or at least that’s the theory – it appears we still need to be cautious.

So this is how we’ll play things: you will be able to order and even sit at the bar, you won’t have to wear a mask though you’re more than welcome to should you so wish. There are no limits on who you can meet with.  We will still have hand sanitiser and, rest assured, the high hygiene and sanitation standards that we’ve always had in place will continue and the pub will be well ventilated.

It’s been a while since our team have served over a bar, so please be nice.  They are excited to bring the pub back to life once again.

See you at the bar.

Cheers, Richard