Helping you overcome anxiety, stress & limiting beliefs

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IMeditate can help you

Eliminate Stress & Anxiety

Overcome fears & phobias

Transform limiting beliefs, behaviours and idea that keep you stuck in life.

Achieve goals / Transform your life

So that you can live the life that you want and deserve.

“Whether it is feeling stressed and anxious Feeling stuck, unable to move forward or maybe you have goals that you are not sure how to achieve. My work as a hypnotist and mind coach helps you make changes and access your personal resources for transformation and achievement, helping you to move life forward. Overcoming obstacles, limiting beliefs and empowering new and brighter futures. I work with individuals and groups both in Whitchurch and online. You will be surprised the things I have been asked to help with so get in touch because the first step to change starts with a question. You can visit my website: for more on the work I do, alternatively message me on Facebook or call 07800 799 578”

07800 799578