Group Rules

WBG Membership - Benefits

Becoming a member gives you the ability to attend all of our meets and be listed on our members page on the website, as well as have influence of the direction of the group.

WBG Membership - Attendance

To become a member you are committing to attending our meets, either on the 1st Thursday morning of the month or 3rd Tuesday evening of the month. It is encouraged you attend 1 meet a month.

WBG Membership - Admission

Membership is on a first come first serve basis, within a profession.

If there is a conflict of interest within a profession, it is beholden on the incumbent member to make a decision on admission. It is encouraged that members find a way to work together, perhaps based on specialism or locality.

Before a decision is made, we ask that contact is always made between the incumbent member and the new enquiry. 

WBG Membership - Retaining Membership

To retain your membership of WBG you must attend at least 4 meets in each half year. This will be reviewed at the end of June and the end of December.

WBG Membership - Cost

Membership is currently free. 

We ask that on attendance of the events you buy a coffee and/or breakfast in the mornings and at the evening events you buy your dinner. 

WBG Membership - Advertising (FB Group)

Unsolicited advertising with the FB group without attendance to our get togethers is not allowed and the offending posts will be removed.

Founder & Chairman:

Max Anderson, Bsc (Hons), DipPFS, CII (MP)

Tel: 01635 423 28

Mob: 07368 541 039



Gareth Hammond

Mob: 07940 876 524


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