A new TV advert urging Britons to turn down their boilers and kombi servisi close their curtains to help save energy has been launched by the Government.

The advert is part of Whitehall’s £18 million ‘It All Adds Up’ public information campaign, launched earlier this month in response to the nation’s energy crisis.

The 30-second advert is due to be screened from Tuesday on , , and other television stations. If you liked this write-up and you would certainly like to get even more info relating to Kombi Servisi kindly browse through our own web page.   

In it, it tells the public: ‘This is a 30-second ad.That’s not long, but it is long enough to do something that could save you money on your energy bills.’

The new TV advert by the Government calls on people to reduce their boiler flow to 60 degrees celcius (pictured)

The advert is part of an £18 million public information campaign by the Government, launched last week, amid soaring energy bills

Other advice in the £18 million campaign calls on the public to:

The news comes amid warnings that . 

Chancellor – as he warned the public must ‘change their behaviour’ and learn how to use less gas and electricity at home instead.

Speaking ahead of the news TV advert, Business and Energy Minister Lord Callanan added: ‘The Government’s It All Adds Up energy saving campaign is already getting important information out to millions of households across the country, showing them simple, low and no-cost tips to cut their energy use and bills this winter.

‘Simple steps can make a big difference to cutting bills, kombi servisi while keeping homes warm and safe, and by launching this new TV advert, even more people will be aware and the savings will keep adding up for Kombi Servisi UK households.’ 

Last week Energy Secretary launched his own video on Twitter calling on Brits to do small things to help cut back on their energy usage. 

Other tips include reducing the heat at which people wash their clothes 

The 30-second advert is set to air on television channels from today 

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